Santa Rosa County High School Graduation

Information on Bay Center security procedures can be found here

Ceremony schedule

Navarre High School: 11 a.m. 

Gulf Breeze High School: 2:30 p.m. 

Pace High School: 6 p.m. 

RESTRICTED ITEMS: Balloons, Wrapped Gifts, Glass Items, Banners, Posters, Signs, Air Horns, Large Bags, Backpacks, Strollers, Flashlights, Laser Pointers, Weapons of any kind

   Graduating Seniors should arrive NO LATER THAN 45 mins before ceremony

   Gown should be ironed prior to Graduation and don’t forget the cap!   

   Proper attire for students is required:  gentlemen must wear dress-slacks, dress shirt and tie; ladies must wear a dress or skirt & blouse.


Event Times

  • May 25 , 2019
  • One hour for guests, graduates must arrive before 10:15am