Apr 25, 2014

SMG's Concessionaire, SAVOR, Receives a Perfect Score in Food Safety & Sanitation

SMG’s concessionaire, SAVOR… Pensacola, provides the food and beverage service for Pensacola Bay Center and recently had an inspection by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations. Only 14 restaurants in Escambia County recorded no violations.  SAVOR/Pensacola Bay Center has 7 licenses, one for each of the concession stands on site and therefore accounted for 7 of the 14 sites.

Out of the entire State of Florida, there were only 51 food service establishments with no safety or sanitation violations. 

Director of Food and Beverage for Pensacola Bay Center, Mack Gillenwater, comments, “Safety and sanitation is our number one priority. We take it very seriously here and everywhere we provide services.  Our patrons can be assured that when they partake in our items, it is safe and also tastes great.”

Since 1983, SAVOR has been providing food and beverage services to a wide range of public facilities across the United States and in Europe and Mexico. Their operating philosophy is to consider each venue individually, remaining flexible to specific needs and responsive to regional preferences. The ongoing excellence of our food and beverage services heightens the patrons' enjoyment of an event and provides an important revenue source for the facility.