To provide a safer environment, security at all entrances will include metal-detecting with bag size restrictions and prohibited items policies enforced. Bags are restricted to one bag (12” x 12” x 6”) per person or one small clutch purse (6.5” x 4.5”). The small clutch should be approximately the size of a hand. *Accommodations will be available for diaper bags and medical bags provided they go through the bag check screening process. *Accommodations will also be available for dietary needs.

Prohibited carry-in items also include, but are not limited to:

LARGE BAGS                      ANY WEAPONS                 OUTSIDE FOOD                                

BACKPACKS                        SPIKES OR CHAINS           OUTSIDE DRINK                                               

WAIST PACKS                    LASER POINTERS              CONTAINERS                                    

UMBRELLAS                       NOISEMAKERS                  GLASS ITEMS                                    

STROLLERS                          SIGNS OR BANNERS        WRAPPED GIFTS                                                                                          

PROFESSIONAL CAMERAS (AUDIO, VIDEO, DETACHABLE LENS)                                                                                                      


If any prohibited items are revealed during search, the patron will be permitted to return to their vehicle with the items or they can dispose of the item before entry into the venue. The Pensacola Bay Center will not store any personal belongings or items of any type.

These enhanced security procedures are becoming commonplace in the entertainment industry. Pensacola Bay Center respects the privacy of its guests and the enhanced security measures will be used to prevent hazardous and prohibited items from entering the venue.